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May 2024 Winners

Best Experimental Film
Americans in Israel
Director Johnny Vonneumann

Best Feature Documentary
Queen: checkmate for the King
Directors Luca De Giorgi, Sergio Vespertino

Best Feature Film
Director Mike Horan

Best Film Score
Director Brendan Butler

Best Trailer
Cassandra Venice - The RED Trailer
Director Hugo Teugels

Best Actor
New York Violin
Directed by Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare

Best Actress
Besties, Borders, and Barks
Directed by Inga Moren Tapias

Best Editing
The Beloved Universe of Filmmaker
Director Goran Ajtič

Best LGBTQA Film
The Last Take
Director Brian Foyster

Best Short Screenplay
Call Me Norma
Writer Rebekah Scheffelmaier

Best Feature Screenplay
Director Nikolay Bogomilov

Best TV Series / Web-Series
"I Could Eat" Pilot Episode 2
Director Rick Bedrosian

Best VR Film
Underwater Mission – MS Piłsudski
Directors Daniel Zduńczyk, Zygmunt Fit

Best Micro Film
See You Tomorrow
Director Katarzyna Kochany

Best Student Film
Lady Midnight
Directed by Tadeáš Růžička

Best Horror
ND (Near Death)
Director George John Kingsnorth

Best Comedy 
GvH - Guests v Hosts
Director George John Kingsnorth

Best Music Video
Johnny O’Neil Take Me Down
Directors Brianna Jorgensen, Kurt Jorgensen

Best Dance Film
HEDERA - Volume I
Director Angelo Chiacchio

First Time Filmmaker
The Ghost Hunt
Director Christopher James Wallace

Best Animation
Director Moira Semel

Best Documentary Short
Director Ximena Mascareñas

Best Director
Scott Rowan
For Flower & Fly

Best Narrative Short
Directed by Alexander Zachary Hodge

Best Drama
Directed by Andrea Karime Marbán

Best Cinematography 
Director: Damián Siqueiros
Original concept & choreography: Roger Sinha
Cinematographer: Max Machado

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