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December Winners

Best Film Score
This Is Where It Happened
Lawryn LaCroix

Music Video
Top Knot Turn Up
Justine Raczkiewicz

Best Cinematography
All blood runs red
Paul Mignot

Best TV Series
The Disease Detective Looks at Friedreich's Ataxia
Laura P. Valtorta

Best Comedy
No Sex For Vegetarians
Barbara Whiting

First Time Filmmaker
Timofey Gostev
The Wind

Best Experimental Film
Benedikte Esperi

Best Script
Bad Love Strikes
Kevin Schewe

Best Animation
The hole
Directed by
Fang Hsin Kai

Documentary Feature
The Donbass children
Lubomir Dankov

Documentary Short
Günther Friesinger

Narrative Feature
Have You Seen a Pigeon Fly?
Vincent Tivoli

Best Director
Andi Behring

Best Actress
Zrinka Cvitesic
What's This Country Called Now?
Directed by Joseph Pierson

Best Producer
Heather Hutton
Touch & Go

Narrative Short
Hsin Yu Chang

Narrative Short - Honorable Mention
Rose Princess
Laura Fresneda

Narrative Short - Honorable Mention
Lisa Cole

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