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Madrid International Short Film Festival

Madrid International Short Film Festival began as a small group. At first, there were three filmmakers and one producer who started working in their small office in one of the most populous neighborhoods in Madrid so that they could establish a new local film competition and award the best films and best directors with a small financial aid. After holding a few editions of the competition, they decided to expand their work and establish a film festival that corresponds to the international scene. 

In this festival, there's only one goal: Watching and introducing great films. Watching great films, Listening to great film scores, getting mesmerized by performances, being lost in the extraordinary cinematography, reading carefully constructed scripts. Our only goal is to introduce, promote and support unique works of art, without any spatial l, temporal, financial, or age limits. This is the place to introduce the best to the world.
So if you think you are among the best, join us.

Elizabeth Ortiz - Festival Director

Alonso Contreras - Artistic Director

Jacob Álvarez - Marketing & Media Director

Iker Vázquez - Development Manager

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